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Mind and Body Services

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From hypnosis to energy healing, we offer mind and body wellness services for the whole family. 

Balanced Life Coaching

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Coaching services for individuals, couples, and groups. 

Blissful Bellies™

birth education
labor and delivery
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Enjoy a blissful pregnancy and postpartum with our support!

Mind and Body Services


Are you struggling with anxiety, public speaking, phobias, habits, or other personal goals? Hypnotherapy often produces rapid results to life's biggest challenges.

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Past Life Regression

Experiencing a past life in hypnosis can help you unlock patterns and better understand the challenges you face in life so that you can discover the keys to happiness. 

Previous experience with hypnosis is not required but strongly recommended. 

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Reiki Energy Healing

Gentle, non-invasive, and extremely relaxing, Reiki is a healing touch modality that promotes health, well-being, stress relief, and brings the mind/body/spirit into a state of homeostasis. 

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Distance Healing

Our clients are worldwide. Book a distance healing session and our Reiki Energy Healer will conduct a remote healing session and email or call you (your preference) with a summary. This form of healing is just as powerful as being in the office, but you get to stay in your pajamas!

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Chakra Clearing

Do you feel blocked and can't understand what's holding you back? Maybe you do know, but feel powerless to help yourself. A chakra clearning helps to unlock your potential so that you live your best life, effortlessly. 

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Reiki with Aroma Touch

Enjoy a Reiki session with the powerful healing elements of essential oils carefully selected to provide the highest quality experience. 

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Balanced Life Coaching

Individual Coaching

Whether you feel stuck figuring out what to do next in love, life, career, family, or finance, or find the challenge of taking that next step to be too daunting, our Balanced Life Coach can guide you on your path.

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Couples Coaching

When it seems your goals are misaligned, or you just aren't syncing up, a few sessions with our Balanced Life Coach can help reset your path and restore your mutual understanding of each other's needs and wants. 

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Balanced Life Tune-Up

You might be ready for a Balanced Life Tune-Up if you know things aren't working and are at a loss for where to get started! Our Balanced Life Coach will help you figure out your path out of overwhelm and in to control.

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Stress Management Workshop

In this interactive workshop, you will learn a variety of strategies and techniques for stress reduction and management. 

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Communication Workshop

The benefits of healthy communication are innumberable. When two parties are on the same page, the relationship flourishes.

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Navigating Dating Workshop

What did he mean when he said...? What was she thinking when she...? If there are unanswered questions in your dating life or if you feel cloudy in your understanding of how to navigate this field, this workshop is for you.

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Blissful Bellies™


This 5-wk comprehensive group childbirth class will teach you everything you need to know for a healthy, calm, empowered pregnancy and birth. 

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Birth Doula

Dedicated to supporting you through your pregnancy and birth, your doula is your biggest advocate, as well as a source of information and comfort. 

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TENS Unit Rental

Widely used as a comfort measure in Europe, TENS units are making their way to the U.S.! Enjoy this little device that has provided labor pain relief to women for decades.

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Childbirth Education

We offer two workshops to compliment your prenatal care: Blissful Bellies 101 is a condensed version of our comprehensive childbirth class, and covers the basics of childbirth education; Labor and Birth Techniques will teach you comfort measures and practical skills for labor augmentation. 

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Childbirth Consulting

Whether you are planning a pregnancy, or are already pregnant and curious about your options, our childbirth professionals can help you navigate this chapter of life. From providers to facilities to childbirth education options and much more, our consultants have a wealth of strategies and DMV-specific info and are happy to share!

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Placenta Smoothies

Consumed by most mammals and many women worldwide, the placenta is perhaps the least understood and most underestimated vital organ! Our skilled and trained placentophagy specialists will take special care to prepare your placenta for smoothies to aide your postpartum experience. 

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