The journey of life is full of peaks and valleys, but with compassionate guidance and custom life tools, you can navigate more easily and come out on top! At Sunflowers Healing and Wellness, we will guide you through all the phases of life from relationships to career to birth and more with tools that build you up, empowering your life’s health. Change happens when you want it and when you are ready to work for it. Let's work together!

Signature Services

Mind and Body Wellness

Imagine if you could take care of your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional needs in one place. Well, at Sunflowers Healing and Wellness, you  can do just that! 

We are pleased to offer you a comprehensive menu of wellness services including hypnotherapy, reiki, past life regression, and chakra clearing. Whether you are seeking care for yourself, or together with your partner, your child(ren), your family pet, or your home, we have something just right for you. 

Book now and discover your pathway to a healthier lifestyle. 


Balanced Life Coaching

Our Balanced Life Coach will help you identify and achieve your personal goals.

Whether you just need a little nudge to reach that oh-so-close goal, or if you need a complete overhaul of your life’s direction, our expert coach is ready to help you see how easy it can be to “just do it.”

You deserve limitless possibilities! We offer life coaching for individuals and couples and private Balanced Life workshops for stress management, navigating dating, and couples communication. Get started today and be on your way! 


Blissful Bellies™

We offer a variety of childbirth services that will help you set your mind at ease as you look forward to labor, birth and beyond. 

Our childbirth services will boost your confidence, promote relaxation, empower you to understand your body, and help you be more comfortable during your labor. 

Whether this is your first or your fifth, and no matter the birth experience you desire, we’re certain you will enjoy working with our doulas, HypnoBirthing® instructors, and childbirth professionals! Reserve your spot in our classes or doula calendar now!




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