balanced life coaching


Live your best life POSSIBLE!

When life throws curve balls or the muck seems too deep to wade through, working with a coach can help you overcome the challenges that are keeping you from living your best life. Our coach helps clients with communication strategies, personal development, relationships, and leadership. Untangle the mess and slide into your best self! 

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Coaching Services

Individual Coaching


Whether you feel stuck figuring out what to do next in love, life, career, family, or finance, or find the challenge of taking that next step to be too daunting, our Balanced Life Coach can guide you on your path. 

You will explore personal development in meaningful ways, dive into your life pool of opportunities, sort out priorities, find your true voice, and much more! 

Initial appointments are $125/60 minutes and follow up appointments are booked for $65/30minutes or $125/60 minutes. All appointments can be phone or in person.


Couples Coaching


Relationship Start-Up

Working with our Balanced Life Coach can help you set yourself up for a happy long-term relationship with master guidance on healthy communication strategies, home- and work-life balance, parenting considerations, and more! 

Relationship Tune-Up

When it seems your goals are misaligned, or you just aren't syncing up, a few sessions with our Balanced Life Coach can help reset your path and restore your mutual understanding of each other's needs and wants.  

Initial and follow up appointments are $175/60 minutes. All appointments are in person.

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Balanced Life Tune-Up


You might be ready for a Balanced Life Tune-Up if you know things aren't working, feel stuck in the maze, and are at a loss for where to get started! Our Balanced Life Coach will help you figure out your path out of overwhelm and in to control. 

In a two hour working session, our Balanced Life Coach will use a set of proprietary tools to help you understand and make sense of your current life path, identify action steps to make immediate changes, and develop a plan for moving forward, fearlessly, along a new path. 

Balanced Life Tune-Ups are $175/2 hours and can be in person or on the phone.

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