past life regression


For resolving destructive life patterns or just having fun!

If you are seeking relief from phobias, anxiety, eating problems, physical pain, etc., and despite having addressed the problems through therapy or lifestyle changes, you continue to suffer, it may be that the source of the problem is rooted in a past life. For these situations, a past life regression, an hypnosis session where the intention is to review a past life experience, can reveal patterns that help a person thrive in their present life.

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the Experience

The hypnotic process

Just like any other hypnotherapy session, we begin with relaxation techniques (an induction) to relax the mind and body. Through guided imagery, your hypnotherapist will take you back through time and space to the sensitizing moment (or series of moments) that created the current problem. 

Or maybe you just want to enjoy a pleasant past life experience. We can visit that, too!

Once the source has been discovered, healing can take place through a variety of ways: reframing the sensitizing moment(s) so that you can create a more pleasing past experience; gaining different perspective so that you can better understand the intentions of others or the reasons why certain things occurred; or sometimes simply sharing love and light with that past self. 

Before we conclude the session, we draw parallels to the current life and release negative energy that may have carried over from a previous life.

Does it work for everyone?

While we can’t guarantee that you will have a past life experience, most people are able to share an experience, or feelings, or just a sense of what’s going on around them. From there, more details can emerge. 

People often wonder if they are just making it all up. In a way, you are actually imagining it all. It’s the job of the subconscious to communicate through images or feelings, so it may feel like you are making it all up, and that’s normal! Whatever you experience is being shown to you for a reason, and it’s what the subconscious believes to be at the source of your current life problem. 

How to prepare

We strongly recommend previous experience with hypnosis prior to coming in for a past life regression. For clients new to hypnosis, we will spend some time experiencing hypnosis prior to regression. You may want to work on problem resolution, or experience certain significant life events; it's helpful if you think about this in advance. The appointment is 3 hours, so wear comfortable clothing. 

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